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The previous night it had rained heavily ( first of the monsoon season ). But till morning the rains almost subdued . Next day on way to my place of work, an unknown person gave me a sign asking for a lift. I stopped by and asked him to sit behind me. As we were passing, he broke the silence saying it was a good downpour last night. I said, yes indeed it was good as I was awake at that time. Soon thoughts started ushering in my mind, like the Hindus will thank Lord Indra, Muslims will thank Allah, Christians will thank God for the good rainfall of the previous night. I thought I am neither of these, so to whom should I give my thanks. Being atheist, without a second thought, my thanks went to the ever caring and loving Mother Nature.


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Losing Faith

hi to all,

I am Saif Ahmed, 31, Single, Atheist, Indian . In summer 2007, I lost my faith and turned apostate.

I am Ahmed Mehdi, 22, Atheist, Indian. I lost my faith in 1998 but kept up appearances till fall, 2003. Now I claim my apostasy publicly.

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